The Dialog Maker Library allows you to create your Dialogs in two very simple ways: you can both add each field manually (but yet without having to worry with the structure of the form) and also make it automatically – you just select a class and the dialog is created in order to ‘generate’ an object of this class.

This library is still in beta phase, and it may have bugs. We are working to remove then, but your help is really important! Check the Bugs and the Suggestions pages to help us!


This libary has been done by me, Luan Nico, in order to be used in one of my projects – and surely many others from now on. I used the SpringUtilities class to organize the LDialog. It is not part of the Java classes, but it was made by Oracle. I have also started, since 1.3, using the JFontChooser class, that was made by Masahiko Saway.
I am also now distributing (separately) a default image pack, with icons from the great iconset LED Icons. See more info here.
So I thank all people mentioned very much, and many others that may have helped me too but are not listed here.


Download to the latest version:
Library jar

Previus versions: here.

Important Links



If this libary helped you, and you feel like helping us with money, we will be very glad. Just click in the button bellow and choose a value – any value – to donate.


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