I am proud to announce the release of a new library to our website: LScript. You can see more about it, what it is, and what it is for, here. Advertisements

Change History: Fully fixed javadoc comments. There were a few inconsistencies before, and a lot of warnings. Now everything is OK. A few other changes in the API – but don’t worry, most internal, and these were the last ones. Download: The download of the latest version is no longer in the same link. That’s because of […]

Change History: Added Javadocs comments! Now everything is commented with Javadocs. You can now easily know what a method or parameter should do. Some changes in the API: As the documentation occurred, some methods were removed as they were useless (mostly unused overloads). This was made in the classes that integrate the library, and should […]

We’ve just released our brand new DVD Fitter software. You can check out everything about by clicking here. It is really cool!

Change History: Corrected two bugs related to the LGroup not working properly due to the recent feature in which it disables it’s checkbox if it is nullable and the edit is null. Now it works perfectly. Download: The download of the latest version is always in the same link. For previous versions, check this page.

Change History: Added validation messages: Now a ‘validation message’ can be generated automatically for each field. This message contains text (human readable) information about all validations on the field. It is generated by the ErrorManager, that now has one more matrix of Strings that can be changed to translate or just alter the messages. The […]

This update contains a lot of fixes for some BUGs from the previous updates. Our repository was reset by me on the last update, due to technical difficulties, but it is already updated with this version now. Change History: Before, the error message of too many characters was shown instead of the invalid character message. Now the […]